About us

HYDROMAT ITALIA is a limited liability company participated by one sole family group, representing its operating team.

Its core business is represented by the import-export of hydraulic products, machineries and equipments; namely: pipes (steel, ductile iron, polyethylene, uPVC, GRP), fittings (steel, ductile iron, polyethylene, uPVC, GRP), valves (steel, ductile iron, PVC, PE). All of them conforming to the respective in-force national and international standards.

The commercial activity, now at the third generation of Gargiulo’s family, is then completed by the related services, such as:

  • Logistics services, that is handling of the materials destined to the working sites (contractors’ or public administration companies’) from the manufacturing mills’ warehouses up to the storage areas nearby the laying sites;
  • Pre-sale services, such as:
  1. advices for the optimization of the technical solutions at time of feasible designing of the pipelines as well as of all their concerned plants (high points, low points, operating chambers, pumping stations, junction points, deviation points, etc.);
  2. participation to the study and verification of tender book’s clauses, administrative customs constraints, required standards, with the assistance for the planning of all the operations as a whole, on the commercial, customs and bank plan;
  • After-sale services:
  1. participation to: production planning, inspections, factory tests, handling and issue of all the certifications requested by the tender books;
  2. assistance to and handling of: deliveries’ planning&execution, choice of the most suitable transportation means per each different kind of material, port operations at loading and unloading, customs operations, relationship with the insurance companies, road transport up to destination sites.
  • The specific activity with products requiring the use of mechanical and wheel-equipped means for their best handling, pushed us to offer on the market also mechanical means such as: crane trucks, fork-lifts, special trucks for building-yard use or provided with cranes on board, whether new or second-hand but totally revised, for which we assure the availability of spare parts along the time with quick deliveries, generally by air freight.

Since the beginning of 2000’s, besides the hydraulic sector we started the activity of plant engineering in the agro-alimentary and building field, in cooperation with Italian manufacturers leaders in their specific sector, such as: oil mills, bottling plants, plants for the production of self-blocking concrete bricks and lightened cement little blocks. Furthermore, we assure after-sale technical assistance, as well as the availability of original spare parts, so to guarantee to local operators the proper work, in the time, of the plant they bought, whether through us or directly from third party, but always with our technical-commercial assistance and cooperation.